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Chinese Continuers Stage 1 & 2 Resources Development Project



In December 2020 the Chinese Continuers Stage 1 & 2 Resources Development Group was set up. Its aims were: to update our teaching knowledge; to enhance the abilities of Chinese teachers to deliver in accordance with the SACE Board of South Australia Curriculum Statements 2020 for Stages 1 and 2 at Chinese Continuers Level; and to provide to our students the most systematic learning materials to enable them to maximize their potential in their learning and exams. 



Seven teachers comprised the writing team. They are: Wen Ben, Jenny Jin, Wendy Lampard, Siew Ng, Eric Xu, Jenny Xu and Jing Zhou.


We are producing two booklets: one is “The Basic Chinese Vocabulary for Chinese as Second Language Learners” of which the draft edition has been completed (there are 1632 Chinese words covering 27 topics encompassing almost all of the learning topics from Year 8 to Year 12); and the second one is “ Reading and Responding A & B Practice Booklet” which is undergoing its second drafting in accordance with the planned time frame of 12 months (from December 2020 to December 2021).


Ownership of the products

The ownership of the products will belong to CLTASA under the agreement that

  1. each writer / teacher will be offered a certificate with 10 hours of PD time;

  2. 5 meeting flyer(s) for the 7 teachers within the 12 months (from December 2020 to December 2021), each meeting is 2 hours of PD time. (the meeting agenda and the minutes will be provided afterwards)


1 Essential Chinese Vocabulary For Second Language Learners

2 Reading and Responding Exercises For Chinese Second Language Learners

3 Writing and In-depth For Chinese Second Language Learners

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