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2023 SA
Chinese Language Awards Ceremony


2023 Annual Chinese Language Awards Ceremony

​South Australia


Please download Photo Consent Form here.

Please download the Flyer here. 

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Prior to attending the Awards Ceremony, all students and audience members under 18 years old will be requested to fill in a Photo Consent Form.

We are delighted to announce the Annual Chinese Language Awards Ceremony, which aims to celebrate the outstanding achievements of students in Chinese language learning. The event provides an opportunity to recognize the hard work and dedication of our students, highlighting their language skills and cultural knowledge. This exciting ceremony will be a fun and inspiring evening filled with speeches, performances, and awards, and we welcome parents, teachers, and friends to join us in celebrating our students' accomplishments.

All public, independent, and Catholic schools, as well as community schools in South Australia that offer Chinese as a language, are invited to participate in this awards night.


If you want to learn more about the history of the awards ceremony, please visit our website's 2022 Awards Ceremony page ( and news page (

Student Nomination



Each school is allowed to nominate one primary and one secondary student per category, totaling up to 6 nominees for R-12 schools. Nominees should exhibit a strong passion for Chinese studies and a deep understanding of various aspects of Chinese culture, including history, literature, art, and traditions. Please note, a student can be nominated only once and cannot receive nominations from multiple schools.


The Chinese Language Awards offers three categories for student nomination:

  • Second Language Learners of Chinese: The student must be a non-native learner studying Chinese as a second language and has Chinese language skills but is not necessarily the top academic student.

  • Background Language Learners of Chinese: The student may speak Mandarin at home, not necessarily exclusively, and have varying degrees of knowledge of and proficiency in the language being learned.

  • First Language Learners of Chinese: The student is a native Chinese language learner who has had more than one year's schooling in Mandarin in a country or area where Mandarin is spoken.



The Chinese Language Awards offers the following prizes:

  • Junior School students: $30 Gift Card and Certificate of Excellence

  • Secondary School students: $50 Gift Card and Certificate of Excellence

Awards will be presented to nominated students who meet the criteria for each category.


The school entry fee for the Chinese Language Awards is as follows:

  • $30 per nominee for students of CLTASA member teachers

  • $60 per nominee for students of non-CLTASA member teachers



Student nominations open on Saturday, July 1st, 2023 (Term 2), and the deadline for nomination is Friday, 27th October 2023 (Week 2 Term 4).

The nomination process for the 2023 Chinese Language Awards is as follows:

  • The student's Chinese teacher is to nominate the student by filing the Nomination Form on the CLTASA Webpage

  • Wait for CLTASA to email the teacher an invoice for all registered students.

  • Teachers are to bring the invoices to their school and make a payment before the due date indicated on the invoice.

2023 SA Annual Chinese Language Awards Ceremony

Please download VIP INVITATION here


  • 18:00 -20:30 Friday, 24 November 2023  (Due to time constraints, we are unable to provide special dietary accommodations.)

  • Venue: Sports Center, Seymour College, 546 Portrush Road, Glen Osmond, SA 5064




Everyone who has been awarded or invited, including students, parents, teachers, school staff and leaders, sponsors, presenters, VIPs, and performing groups, must register via the TryBooking link provided to attend the ceremony.

For more information, please email

2023 Student Performance at the Awards Ceremony

We extend an invitation to CLTASA members, encouraging them to motivate their students to actively participate in this event. It's a wonderful opportunity for students to showcase their talents in both music and art.


If any students are interested in performing at the ceremony on November 24th, 2023, they should ask their accompanying teacher to fill out the performance information form by clicking on the link provided here (registration is closed). This will allow the committee to prepare the necessary equipment and props and show our appreciation for the performing group and their teacher.

We can't wait to see the amazing performances of these talented students, and we hope that you will encourage your students to participate in this exciting event. Thank you for your support!

2023 Chinese Language Awards Nomination 
​the Application was closed on 28th Oct 2023

Q6 Please indicate whether you are a member of CLTASA in 2023. The CLTASA Treasurer will then email you an invoice based on your membership status, which will include all the students you have registered for 2023.
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