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2023-2024 Project

Bridging The Gap

Practical Teaching and Research Activities

for Chinese Language Teachers

The composition of the project plan

will be carried out in Term 3 2023 to Term 2 2024.


For more detailed information, please refer to the Project Brochure.



  • Chinese Language Teachers Association of South Australia Inc. (CLTASA)

       Mingxia Wei, President of CLTASA (


Based on the feedback received from Chinese teachers at the end of 2022 and early 2023, the Chinese teaching team in South Australia is facing several major challenges:

  • There is a lack of practical research and teaching activities, especially for early career teachers who have limited opportunities to observe classroom teaching firsthand, resulting in a slow improvement in their teaching skills.

  • Due to a lack of professional development budget, Chinese teachers, particularly those in rural areas, are unable to participate in sufficient research and training activities.

  • There is a lack of research activities focused on the curriculum, particularly on AC9.0, leading to doubts and anxieties among teachers about implementing the new syllabus.


To address the above challenges, the CLTASA plans to implement the following activities included in the Bridging the Gap project to better support the needs of rural teachers, early career teachers, and all teachers:

  • AC9.0 Research and Resource Library Program

  • Class Observation Activities


  • Benefits for Early Career Teachers

  • ​Benefits for Country Teachers

  • ​Benefits for All Teachers (including Pre-service Teachers)


  • Cross-classroom observations and discussions (4 sessions)

  • Monthly discussions and development on AC 9.0 (4 sessions)

  • Resource Library for teaching support (long term-goal)

  • Face-to-face and online professional development (2 sessions in Term 3 and 4 2023)

  • Instructional coaching

  • Participation in the State or National Conference

  • Project Report Submission


To ensure a comprehensive evaluation of the project's success, a robust evaluation and feedback process will be implemented. This process will incorporate both quantitative and qualitative methods to gather data and assess the project's effectiveness.

  • Quantitative Data Collection

  • Surveys and Questionnaires

  • Qualitative Data Collection

  • Data Analysis and Reporting


Bridging the Gap Project will be divided into three project groups based on the language proficiency level of the students and the teaching needs of the teachers in South Australia metropolitan and regional areas. Teachers can participate in any of the three groups as needed.


  • The Beginner Group is for teachers who are teaching students with limited or no previous experience in learning Chinese.

  • The Intermediate Group is for teachers who are teaching students with intermediate proficiency levels in Chinese.

  • The Advanced Group is for teachers who are teaching students with advanced proficiency levels in Chinese.

BUDGET ($5,000)

Bridging the Gap Project is funded by the Educators SA ($3000) and CLTASA ($2000). The project's budget is broken down as follows (During the course of the project, the allocation of funds may vary slightly based on actual needs):

  • Travel: $900

  • Personnel: $1,200

  • Consultancy: $1,200 Instructional Coaching

  • Technology: $900 Resource Library and Online Platform Development

  • Evaluation and Assessment: $300

  • Contingency Fund: $500


This program is specifically designed for Chinese language teachers who are currently teaching in a Chinese language class. Preservice teachers are also welcome to participate in the project as observers. This will provide them with an opportunity to observe practical teaching methods and engage in professional discussions to prepare for their future careers.


To participate in the program, teachers must demonstrate a genuine interest in learning and implementing the teaching methods and resources recommended by the project team during classroom discussions. They should also be willing to observe other teachers' classes either in-person or online during their regular teaching practice.

Furthermore, schools are required to support participating teachers by allowing them to attend teaching discussions and observation sessions. They should also provide Teaching Relief Time (TRT) and permit the use of classroom teaching activities, images, and materials in the project report.

Participating teachers are expected to present their project experiences as a workshop during the South Australian Chinese Language Teachers' Conference in Semester, 2024. By the end of Term 2 2023, the group is expected to submit a collective project report. Teachers are required to provide self-reflection and feedback on the project, as well as attach materials that demonstrate their teaching and student interaction.



Teachers and/or pre-service teachers who wish to participate in the project should register by filling out the online registration form via the link before Saturday, 1st April (Term 1 2023)

Bridging the Gap Project

Practical Teaching and Research Activities

for Chinese Language Teachers

Please choose any of the three groups below as needed:

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