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2024 OZCHIN Quiz Bowl

SA Years 7-12

Chinese First and Background Language Learners





2024 Term 1 OZCHIN QuiZ Bowl (Flyer) 2024知识竞赛宣传单


17:30-19:45 Friday 22nd March 2024

McGREGOR Hall, McGregor Campus (Junior School), Seymour College



  • The OZCHIN Quiz Bowl welcomes students in Years 7-12 from South Australian Public, Independent, Catholic, or Community schools with an interest in Chinese language and culture. The competition is designed for both First Language Learners and Background Language Learners (students whose first language is not Chinese but who have a Chinese cultural or linguistic background).

  • Country school teachers and students are particularly encouraged to participate through Zoom. Since the event does not include dinner or other services, student registration is complimentary. Zoom information will be distributed to teachers after they register.


Certificates, trophies, and awards will be presented to the top individuals and teams.


  • $15 per student (for students of CLTASA member teachers)

  • $30 per student (for students of non-CLTASA member teachers)


A buffet, soft drinks, and snacks will be provided to all participants.

What to bring

Mobile phone and laptop (scrap paper and pencils will be provided by the CLTASA).



Mingxia Wei (


For event registration, please use our Trybooking link: 

Make sure to register by Friday, 15th March 2024 (Week 7, Term 1).

  • We kindly request that the responsible teacher registers all teachers and students as a single booking.

  • Teachers are reminded to carefully register students under the correct learner category, with the registration process prompting the selection of year level and language category.

  • After receiving the registration information, CLTASA will email an invoice to the school teacher for all registered students.


School teachers are responsible for collecting a signed photo consent form from each student (if the student has not previously submitted one to the CLTASA) before they participate in the OzChin Quiz Bowl. Please email all students' photo permission forms in a single email to Shiyi Li at


1) Hybrid Questioning Approach

Our quiz uniquely blends traditional paper-and-pen questions with online queries, engaging participants in both individual and team-based challenges. To aid preparation, comprehensive quiz revision booklets will be distributed to all teachers (or directly to students, should teachers provide student email addresses) by Tuesday Week 8.

2) Equitable Competition Structure

To guarantee a level playing field, we present the same topics to both First Language Learners and Background Language Learners across Years 7-12, tailoring the difficulty to suit various levels of language proficiency. This ensures a fair demonstration of skills. For example, in the Individual Challenge, Parts 1 and 2 are structured into four categories for optimal fairness:

  • Category 1: Years 7-9 First Language

  • Category 2: Years 10-12 First Language

  • Category 3: Years 7-9 Background Language

  • Category 4: Years 10-12 Background Language


Individual Challenge


Part 1 Chinese Knowledge Written Quiz (15 minutes)

Each student is given a set of competition questions and an answer sheet to complete the written quiz within the specified 15 minutes. The questions and answer sheets will be collected and manually graded by the teacher at the end of the allotted time.


Part 2 Cultural Knowledge Quiz (20 minutes)

Each student needs to bring a mobile phone or computer to participate in the Kahoot quiz. The scores will be automatically calculated in the Kahoot backend. The quiz questions in this part only cover cultural knowledge and do not involve language skills.

The competition questions in Part 1 and Part 2 are divided into four groups of different difficulty levels to ensure fair competition for first language and background language students. Therefore, teachers are requested to strictly classify student registrations according to their actual year levels and language backgrounds on Trybooking. 


The highest score in the individual challenge will be awarded to the participating student with the highest total score in Part 1 and Part 2 of the competition questions. The gold, silver, and bronze awards for the individual challenge, as well as various individual awards, will be announced on the same evening.


Team Challenge

Part 3 Comprehensive Knowledge Competition (30 minutes)

This segment features a comprehensive knowledge quiz conducted in mixed school teams. Teams are composed of both first language and background language students, spanning Years 7-9 and Years 10-12, with 2-4 members in each team. Teams are permitted to use a mobile phone or computer during this on-site buzzer quiz competition.

The team achieving the highest score will be honored with the first-place award in the team challenge, with awards also presented to the second and third-place teams.

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