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2023 Term 1
General Meeting

Date日期: Friday 31 March 2023

Time时间: 6:00 - 6.15 P.M.

Venue地点: Seymour College


Chair会议主持: Fang Liu (刘芳)

Minutes会议记录: Laura Kildea & Jenny Liu (刘真伊)

Treasurer’s Report财务报告: Grace Le (乐志晗

President’s report会长报告: Mingxia Wei (魏明霞)


Previous Minutes前次会议记录: N/A

No. of Committee members present

  • In person: Wen Ben, Zhihan Le (Grace), Fang Liu, Yuhan Liu, Zhenyi Liu (Jenny), Siew Ng, Fangfang Qiu, Mingxia Wei, Mani White.

  • Online: Wen Deng (Shelby Baker), Wenwen Dong, Laura Kildea.


No. of CLTASA members present

  • TBC

General Business

  • Treasurer’s Report

  • 2023 CLTASA Sub-Committee

  • 2023 Bridge to Excellence Project, sponsored by CLTANT and CLTASA

  • 28th CLTFA National Conference in Darwin, 8-9 July 2023

       Members of CLTASA who attend the national conference will receive a subsidy of $200. Additionally, members who present a 

       workshop at the conference will be eligible for an additional subsidy of $100 on top of the $200.

  • 2023 Term 1 CLTASA newsletters (reports, events and teaching resources)

  • President’s Report

Registrations open for:

1. EduStream PD (12.05.2023)

2. OZCHIN Quiz Bowl (02.06.2023)

3. Mandarin Mixer social evening (09.06.2023)

4. 2023 Annual CLTASA Conference (02.09.2023)

5. Video Competition (May-September)

6. Australian Chinese Language Day (01.09.2023)

7. Awards Ceremony (24.11.2023)

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