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In 2023, the Committee of CLTASA plans to establish a sub-committee based on the existing committee as discussed during the Committee Meeting on 30th January 2023. The decision was made based on the CLTASA Constitution published in 2021 by the formal CLTASA Committee (please view the detailed CLTASA Constitution on the CLTASA Website The Constitution allows the committee to appoint sub-committees for any purpose.

The purpose of the sub-committee is to achieve the following:


Firstly, to involve more teachers in the association's affairs and decision-making process. Until this year, many teachers were not familiar with the association's operations and did not have the opportunity to participate in many of the decision-making processes. The formation of the sub-committee will enable more people to participate in the association's decision-making and design future activities.


Secondly, to establish relationships with more schools and increase the association's membership. Currently, the committee comprises members from nine schools, and the sub-committee aims to attract teachers from other schools to join the association. This will help to promote student activities, and teacher training, and expand the association's reach.


Thirdly, establishing a sub-committee is also helpful for communication and exchange with experienced teachers. In the past few years, the composition of the association members has undergone significant changes, many experienced, knowledgeable, and visionary teachers have not joined the association; while the composition of the past association committee members has remained unchanged. This has also led to the gradual disappearance of valuable teaching experience and the historical heritage of the association. We also hope that through the establishment of a sub-committee of CLTASA within the association committee, we can once again gather more experienced teachers to work together in collaboration.


Meanwhile, to cultivate young talent for the association's future needs. While the association has achieved significant success under the leadership of the older generation of teachers over the last two decades, it needs to continue to evolve by nurturing a new generation of teachers who not only have professional knowledge but also possess an innovative spirit to adapt to the changing times. The subcommittee's main task is to provide development opportunities for young talent, guide them to become leaders in the community of Chinese language teachers and encourage them to take responsibility. These sub-committee members will also be one of the priority groups for future committee selection.


Finally, new sub-committee members will be a great help to the current committee. Since October 2022, the current committee members have voluntarily participated in the committee's work while teaching full-time at schools. In this era where everyone is racing against time, this will invisibly make committee members face the difficulty of balancing school, family, and association affairs. Based on the past five months' experience, recruiting more sub-committee members can help the current committee share existing tasks, assist in organizing activities, and apply their new ideas and technological expertise to the operation of the committee, thereby improving the association's work efficiency.


Our only requirement for our committee and sub-committee members is that we have a passion for education and actively participate in all association affairs. Therefore, the association sincerely invites like-minded teachers, pre-service, and volunteers to join the CLTASA sub-committee in 2023. We understand that joining the committee or sub-committee means sacrificing personal time to undertake the association's responsibilities and share tasks voluntarily. We appreciate the contributions of all committee and sub-committee members to the association's development and look forward to working with all of us to create a better future for the association.


If you are interested in being part of the CLTASA sub-committee, kindly get in touch with the president of the association, Mingxia Wei (, and the secretary, Laura Kildea (

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