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2023 Term 1
EduStream PD

Learning Never Exhausts the Mind. 

-Leonardo da Vinci 

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On March 31st, 2023, the Chinese Language Teachers' Association of South Australia (CLTASA) hosted their first professional learning event of the year, EduStream PD. The event was attended by 52 teachers of Chinese from South Australia and the Northern Territory. 24 teachers participated in on-site workshops at Seymour College, while 28 teachers joined online. Unfortunately, six teachers who had registered for the workshops were unable to attend due to unforeseen circumstances.

南澳州中文教师协会于2023年3月31日晚5点至7:30举办了本年度第一次教师培训EduStream PD,来自南澳州和北领地的52位中文老师参加了本次培训。24位老师在Seymour College参加了现场培训,另外28位老师在线参加培训。由于临时事宜,还有6位老师未能到场。




We would like to extend our sincere gratitude to the 58 teachers who registered for EduStream PD. Your support is the driving force behind the Association's continuous development and serves as encouragement for the committee members to keep moving forward.



We also want to thank Fang Liu, the Vice-President of the CLTASA, for picking-up hot pizzas for everyone during her busy time. This allowed teachers who came straight from work to enjoy dinner while listening to the workshop.



We couldn't have done this without the support of the association committee members. A special thanks to Wen Ben, Yuhan Liu, Zhenyi Liu (Jenny), Zhihan Le (Grace), Fangfang Qiu and Mani White for attending and supporting this evening. We also appreciate Wen Deng (Shelby Baker), Laura Kildea, and Siew Ng for their online support. Thank you, everyone!

每一次协会活动都离不开协会理事会成员的支持,感谢本文、刘宇涵、刘真伊、乐志晗、裘芳芳、Mani White几位老师到场支持此次培训,还有邓雯、Laura Kildea、Siew Ng老师的在线支持,谢谢大家!


We would like to give a shoutout to Huaisha Teng from the University of Adelaide, Zhanhang Hu (Andy) from the School of Languages, and the team from Seymour College for providing services at the venue for everyone.

特别感谢阿德莱德大学的滕怀沙同学、School of Languages的胡占航老师与Seymour College的团队在会场为大家提供服务。


Last but not least, we want to sincerely thank the four teachers, Jianjun Chen (Lester), Chee Hock Tan, Chen Liu and Mingxia Wei, who took the time to organize materials, provide workshop information, and share their experiences and knowledge with participating teachers during EduStream PD, despite their busy schedules.

同样重要的是,我们要衷心感谢陈建军、陈志福、刘晨和魏明霞四位老师在忙碌的日常安排中,贡献自己的时间为大家整理资料,提供讲座,并在EduStream 教研培训中与大家分享他们的经验和知识。



Topic: Some Thoughts on How to Enhance the Teaching of Chinese through Songs and Blooket


Presenter主讲人: Mr. Jianjun Chen (Lester)陈建军老师
School学校: Tenison Woods College 

Mr. Lester Chen's Workshop Resource download​陈建军老师讲座资料下载


The event featured three workshops, with the first one led by Lester Chen, a dedicated teacher from Tenison Woods College in Mount Gambier. During the workshop, Lester Chen shared his teaching experience and highlighted the eagerness of rural school students to learn Chinese. During his presentation, Lester Chen introduced techniques to boost students' learning motivation, such as incorporating 5-10 minutes of Chinese songs in each class to encourage singing and improve their recognition of Chinese characters. He also shared Blooket, a tool that can help students practice and enhance their Chinese language skills while immersing themselves in Chinese culture.

当晚的培训共进行了三场讲座。第一场讲座由来自Mount Gambier的Tenison Woods College的陈建军老师主持。作为一位非常敬业的老教师,陈老师不仅分享了自己在教学中的实践经验,而且深刻展示了乡村学校的孩子们渴望学习中文的热情。在讲座中,陈老师介绍了如何通过在每堂课中嵌入5-10分钟的中文歌曲,让孩子们在唱中文歌曲、理解中文情感以及提升对汉字的认知等方面激发学习热情。此外,陈老师还分享了如何在教学中使用Blooket来帮助孩子们巩固练习中文语言,并提升文化体验。


After Mr. Chen finished his presentation, Ms. Yufang Qiu from the Alice Springs Language Center left an online message praising his dedication in addressing diverse teaching resource limitations in the classroom and giving students ample attention and support. This workshop undoubtedly provided inspiration and encouragement to teachers in resource-scarce areas, urging Chinese educators in remote regions to persist in discovering locally relevant teaching methods to further language education.

当陈老师结束讲座后,来自Alice Springs Language Center的邱老师在线留言表示陈老师在课堂上很认真地应对不同的教学资源限制,给予学生们足够的关注和支持。对于那些身处资源匮乏地区的老师而言,这次讲座无疑给大家带来了启示和鼓舞,它鼓励着在偏远地区的中文老师在有限的教学资源条件下,继续探索适合本地的教学方法来推进语言教育事业。


As a teacher worked in Mount Gambier before, I have some reflections on Lester Chen's workshop. Despite rural schools' willingness to support Chinese teachers in improving language education, many educators im country lack opportunities to communicate face-to-face with colleagues and conduct teaching research. We also feel isolated and overwhelmed in the new environment, which makes teaching more challenging. However, Lester Chen's teaching methods and his encouragement of students have shown us that we can overcome these obstacles with courage and innovation. This has also urged us to think about how we can better support Chinese teachers working in remote areas and rural students who are passionate about Chinese language and culture. Our Association and relevant education departments need to provide more practical educational resources, support, and training to achieve our common objectives.

作为曾在Mount Gambier多年的教师,我个人对陈老师的讲座有很多的感触。尽管乡村地区的学校非常愿意支持我们中文老师来提升语言教学,但是很多中文教师缺乏与同事面对面交流和教学研究的机会,而且我们也感到在新环境中孤立无援,这使得教学变得更加具有挑战性。然而,陈老师的教学方法和对学生的鼓励让我们意识到,我们可以通过勇气和创新来克服这些困难。这也促使我们深入思考如何更好地支持那些在偏远地区工作的中文老师以及那些热爱中国文化的乡村学生。我们的中文教师协会和相关教育部门需要提供更实际的教育资源的支持和实用的教育培训,以实现我们的共同目标。



Topic: Integrating Online & Offline Resources for elementary Chinese Second Language Learners



Chee Hock Tan陈志福老师
School学校: Mackillop Catholic College 

Mr. Chee Hock Chen's Workshop Resource download​陈志福老师讲座资料下载

The second workshop was presented by Chee Hock Tan, a teacher from Mackillop Catholic College in the Northern Territory. The topic of his presentation was "Integrating Online and Offline Resources for Primary School Chinese Language Learners". In his workshop, Chee Hock Tan used the twelve Chinese zodiac animals as a theme to demonstrate how young students can improve their Chinese language proficiency through fun classroom games and activities. He also shared teaching software examples, such as Minecraft: Education Edition and Hello Smart. Many teachers were impressed by the student assignment samples and the engaging software that Chee Hock Tan presented. Some even connected their computers or phones to try it out for themselves.

第二场讲座是由来自北领地Mackillop Catholic College的陈志福老师(Chee Hock Tan)主讲的《小学第二语言中文课堂线上线下资源综合运用》讲座。陈老师在讲座中以十二生肖和动物为主题,展示了他的小学班级如何通过课堂游戏、活动等来提升中文语言能力,分享了使用Minecraft: Education Edition和Hello Smart等教学软件的实例。观看过程中,很多老师都被陈老师分享的学生作业实例和有趣的软件所吸引,并且亲自拿电脑或者手机连线尝试。


We'd like to express our gratitude to Bee Huang Khoo, the president of the Chinese Language Teachers' Association of Northern Territory Incorporated, for recommending Chee Hock Tan to speak at this event. We're especially thankful to Mr. Tan for taking the time to prepare this workshop on short notice. It's heartening to see the enthusiasm for Chinese education among young Chinese teachers in the Northern Territory, and their willingness to share their teaching experiences with colleagues in South Australia.

能够邀请到北领地的陈老师为南澳州的老师们分享教学经验,我们要感谢北领地中文教师协会会长美凰老师(Bee Huang Khoo)为本次活动宣传并推荐陈老师,更要感谢陈老师愿意牺牲自己的时间在最短的时间内为我们准备了这场讲座。


With such a promising group of young Chinese teachers, we're confident that our Chinese teaching team will continue to thrive and grow.




Topic: How to Prepare Chinese Background Students for the 'In-depth Study' School-based Assessments and the External SACE Oral Exam



Chen Liu刘晨老师
School学校: Mercedes College

Mingxia Wei魏明霞老师

School学校: Seymour College

Mr. Chen Liu and Ms. Mingxia Wei's Workshop Resource download​陈志福老师讲座资料下载


The third workshop was jointly organized by Chen Liu, a Chinese teacher at Mercedes College, and Mingxia Wei from Seymour College. Chen Liu shared some valuable insights on how to prepare Chinese Background students for the "In-depth Study" school assessments and the external SACE Oral Exam. Being a first-language Chinese teacher with extensive teaching experience, Chen Liu's sincere advice was greatly appreciated and had a positive impact on our teaching. Her practical suggestions helped our Chinese Background students to achieve even better results.

第三场讲座是由Mercedes College的中文教师刘晨老师与Seymour College的魏明霞老师共同主持的。在讲座中,刘老师分享了针对第一语言学生准备“调查研究”任务和校外口语考试的实用建议。作为第一语言中文教师,能够听到富有教学经验的刘老师如此诚恳的建议,确实让我们所有第一语言老师受益匪浅,并且对我们的教学工作产生积极的影响,从而让我们的第一语言学生获益更多。




As we organized these workshops, we were impressed by the eagerness of teachers to learn and share educational ideas. However, we also noticed that some teachers may hesitate to openly discuss their teaching practices and beliefs. In today's fast-evolving age of artificial intelligence, we're bombarded with advertisements for perfect online and offline education and high-quality presentations from renowned teachers and experts. This can make some teachers feel that they have fewer opportunities to share their own experiences and doubt how to showcase their teaching publicly.



One question we face is how we can confidently exhibit authentic classroom scenarios and daily teaching practices while also demonstrating impeccable teaching techniques and advanced theories to the audience. This will enable all teachers and viewers to participate and explore how to improve and what direction to take in the future. We urge all teachers to consider this question thoroughly and come forward courageously to share their teaching practices. By doing so, we can all grow and learn through open communication.


Mingxia Wei魏明霞

President of the CLTASA南澳州中文教师协会会长